Aug 12, 2013


There is something in my heart. I reckon it's spherical in shape, it's small but still significant. I wonder what would it be coloured. Is it red, violet or blue? Or to put it as simple as I could imagine,  is it colourless? But, does the colour is important to me compared to what that thing contains.

Let's go back to the place where all of these things started. Behold, it might involving some time travelling right now. And yes, by the time you read this, with the Permission, we are now on the time where all of these thing began. What thing was it? The spherical things in my heart. 

It all started when I see those thing.  Those tiny little thing which we all know.  Which we all recognised in any languange we speak, it is spoken the same way.

I was there when you were there. I was... I wassini.

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