Apr 14, 2011


In a place, where the sun shone purple, and people are all in hiatus of everything, there was a boy named Unnamed.

There, people would never talked to each other, and birds doesn't sings every morning and at the dusk, and houses were on sodium lamp, too dim for everyone to fight about their life. They were too afraid of an existence of a thing they call The Thing We Don't Know.

Since Unnamed is a boy, he had to do many thing to carry on his life, he had to breathe in, to eat some breakfast, to get to sleep, to drink some clean fresh water, and sometimes to give stray cats a glimpse of food, but never he actually gave the food to the cats.

To Unnamed, a boy who did the same thing for every and each passing days, this was great and adventerous, until that time came to him in a speed faster than the speed of a moth flying away from Unnamed when he try to catch it.

After that time come, light was dispersing heavily, white becomes purple, and purple become black. And no lights at all, that may pass through the abyss of their will. The people's will.

That is the time when Unnamed was told by the elders whom had no beard and had no white hair that, he(Unnamed) is actually "The Thing We Don't Know" that the people around him were afraid of.

Unnamed could just smile to every and each of the elders and said "since when you didn't afraid of me, and had the courage to talk to each other. Then suddenly, to talk of revealing my pure existence?"

"Since when?", the elders start pondering and ponders, when Unnamed was actually is a blanket with a boy figure on it. And there, on the blanket, is a smoke detector.

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