Feb 3, 2011

Oh yeah2.

So the cases where i lost my adrenaline. Nah, i can't deny it. I'm something or maybe, someone distinct to when i was sober. Sober as if adrenaline was the alcohol. I lied, trashed, fueled with angst and one day, when i was full of that things, i went to Floyd the Barber, who tried to kill his mirror image outside his dog kennel. His barber shop was in front of me school, school with no recess. Err, yeah it just my luck, with no recess.

I saw him, Floyd the Barber with white labcoat, and i couldn't say nothing except;
Where's your luck Floyd? I found one here, right under my sinus. Quietly aproaching the surface and distorting a burst buzz. You should get yourself one too. as maybe as you are inert, i can't help to told ya that no i won't lie, i'm just possessed by the hell is what adrenaline? It's a negative creeps, hey hi downer. hi keep that, the paper cut.

It get bleached by time. Yeah the one adrenaline, by time. Not the paper cut. It's something in Utero.

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