Feb 2, 2011

Oh yeah.

Adrenaline eh, whose adrenaline?
My adrenaline was long lost dead, sentence for something real bad. As bad as the mason.

I could paint you a city, more or less without that things. What we call that again? oh adrenaline. And some dimensionless city with bat here and there and terror at every inch of that damn canvas if left to me some trace of it, the adrenaline. The adrenochrome, epinephrine. Well exactly i can't say no to them. Lest, not an excess of it.

It is a fight or flight maybe. Fight or flight. I smell it by the coffee. By the coffee we left inside the box. The caffeine, with inducing adrenaline power. It grows well in me, in the adrenal, the semilunar shaped gland, gland or something?

Superior, inferior, a things to hide, than there's adrenaline. Some things to shown, urgent, unimportant maybe there will come the adrenaline. Oh yeah, where did it go?

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