Nov 13, 2010

Meeting, Perhaps.

I have a meeting with my otherside, last night. Not a meeting, perhaps just the last meal before us fell asleep.

We had a great talk, and a nice meal too. For us, a cow full of nothing, except it's bones and some leftover torned muscle, some string of tendon and ligamen. A not such a best meal before sleep ain't it. I got my self, and i cant't remember how. The biceps of the cow. But later on i realised that does a cow have one?

So we talk and talked. Almost everything, at the rates of 2 times faster than a normal discussion speed, every words seems to slips. silver can be sliver. Stupid can either be strupid, or stampede. Oh yeah, we stucked then after almost half an hour we started that slippery talk. We stucked at how does, passion never exist in me life. So we stucked. Stucked for more than an hour before the worst part came by:

Me: Dude, did you just sing that bloody song?

Otherside: Bloody song, what bloody song. What type.

Me: Dude, i heard it. It's Bieber's.

Otherside: Well, it may come from there. (pointing out to the other guy wearing a false everything, there and there, sitting besides our table.)

Me: I better have a nightmare instead.

Then everything is fading out. The sound, the sound, the sound...

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